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Megasonic wafer cleaning without damage is Still Possible
Only Megasonic Sweeping offers balanced power distribution in a Megasonic cleaning tank. By sweeping the transducer array, each PZT is excited at its optimum resonant frequency, resulting in the perfect Megasonic cleaning process.
Proven Results and Benefits
Without sweep the PZT with frequency closest to the Megasonic generator frequency creates a surge and a fountain effect. Megasonic is created from the vertical thickness mode. The power that creates the surge burns sensitive parts. For every fountain another PZT is not getting enough power.
Sweeping at a predetermined rate causes each PZT to fire at its optimum natural resonant frequency. The cleaning energy produced is perfectly uniform and is distributed throughout the entire vessel. Cleaning is optimized allowing for faster process cycles with greater yield and throughput. Exposure time to cleaning energy can be reduced, avoiding any possible adverse effect on sensitive parts or product features.
Each PZT receives the exact amount of megasonic energy for the exact amount of time.
Each PZT is fired at its resonant (optimum) frequency in continuous high speed cycles.
The life of the PZT's are also greatly extended as a result of the sweeping process.
Hot-spots and uneven cleaning are eliminated in batch cleaning processes.
Another benefit is that masking is substantially reduced.



Announcement: Megasonic Sweeping Inc. has been issued patent number US 8,310,131,132 for their revolutionary sweeping technology. view patent

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